The Young Crab and His Mother

The Young Crab and His Mother
Aesop's Fables - The Young Crab and His Mother

A juvenile crab was out walking with his mother one day when he spotted a group of crabs playing on the beach.

The young crab exclaimed, "Hey, Mom!" "May we interact with those crabs?"

The mother crab responded, "No, sweetie," "These are not our type of crabs. They are tough and impolite and will not play properly with you."

However, the crabling did not heed his mother's warning. He hurried over to the other crabs and requested to play with them.

The other crabs were first delighted to make a new friend. However, as they continued to play, they began to roughhouse and push the crabling around.

The little crab attempted to keep up, but he wasn't used to such hard play, so he rapidly became battered and injured.

He shouted out, "Ouch!" and runs to his mother. "Those crabs were cruel and caused me pain!"

"I told you not to play with them, sweetheart," the crab mother whispered as she cradled her kid in her arms. "But you did not pay attention, and now you are harmed. Remember that it is essential to heed the counsel of your elders. They recognize your best interests."

The lesson of this story is that it's vital to listen to the advise of people who are wiser and more experienced than us, especially when it comes to questions of safety and wellbeing. By adhering to the advice of others, we can prevent unneeded difficulty and trouble.