The Wolf and the Shepherd

The Wolf and the Shepherd
Aesop's Fables - The Wolf and the Shepherd

A wolf once observed a shepherd tending to his herd of sheep. If I can fool that shepherd, I can have a great feast of sheep for dinner, the wolf reasoned to himself.

The wolf then came up to the shepherd and said, "Good day, shepherd. You obviously have lots of sheep. If I had them for dinner, I'm sure they'd be excellent."

Shepherd's response was, "Oh no, I had to stop you from doing that. They are like my family, my sheep. I look out for them and keep them safe."

But the wolf didn't let that stop him. He devised a scheme to deceive the shepherd. I know how you feel, the wolf said. "But what if I proposed to assist you in tending to your sheep? I could keep an eye on them while you relax and take a break."

After giving the wolf's proposition some deliberation, the shepherd decided it was too good to refuse. He relinquished control and retired for a nap.

The wolf gathered up all the sheep and took them towards the woods as soon as the shepherd vanished from view. The shepherd never saw his sheep again after the feast he had that evening.

Not to trust a wolf in sheep's clothes is the story's lesson. Even if someone appears pleasant and willing to help, they could be unreliable and harbor hidden agendas. It's crucial to exercise caution and refuse to accept things at face value.