The Wolf and the Lean Dog

The Wolf and the Lean Dog
Aesop's Fables - The Wolf and the Lean Dog

Once upon a time, a tiny dog was scavenging for food amongst the bones and leftovers in a verdant meadow surrounded by rolling hills when a lean and hungry wolf came upon it. Being insatiably hungry, the wolf concluded that the dog would be a good dinner.

However, the dog, being a cunning and resourceful animal, understood that he was no match for the strong wolf. He turned and fled in an effort to get away from the wolf's grasp.

The wolf pursued the dog, hoping to catch him and feed himself. The dog, however, always managed to evade the wolf's grasp, regardless of how quickly he raced. He was nimble and swift, and he was skilled at dodging and weaving among the bushes and grass.

The wolf finally gave up after what felt like an eternity of following the dog and recognized that he would never be able to capture the elusive animal.

He eventually quit up and returned home while muttering to himself about how the canine was smarter than him.

The moral of the story is that, if one is bright and cunning, one may occasionally outsmart and outmaneuver others who are bigger and stronger, even if one is small and weak. We should always be ready to use our skills and intelligence to our advantage, never undervalue the power of wit and tenacity, and never give up. Therefore, no matter how little or weak we may appear to be, we should always be ready to use our talents and intellect to our advantage.