The Vain JackDaw and his Borrowed Feathers

The Vain JackDaw and his Borrowed Feathers
Aesop's Fables - The Vain JackDaw and his Borrowed Feathers

Once upon a time, a conceited and pretentious jackdaw strutted around, showing off his gorgeous feathers to everyone who would look, amid a lovely meadow filled with tall grass and vibrant wildflowers. The jackdaw enjoyed nothing more than to preen and preen, making sure that his feathers were always in great condition. His feathers were a glittering blue and green, and he was quite proud of them.

The jackdaw, however, stumbled across a peacock with feathers that were even more stunning and vivid than his own one day as he was strolling across the meadow. The peacock's rainbow-colored feathers appeared to shimmer and glitter in the sunshine.

The jackdaw decided that he would like to have feathers like the peacock out of jealousy and envy. He therefore went up to the peacock and requested to borrow some of its feathers.

Being a nice and kind animal, the peacock permitted the jackdaw to borrow some of his feathers. The jackdaw was ecstatic and gave the peacock a heartfelt thank you before strutting off with his new feathers and feeling even more conceited and arrogant than before.

However, the jackdaw soon understood that the feathers were not his and that he had no right to wear them as he paraded around the meadow flaunting his borrowed feathers to anybody who would look. He was ashamed and remorseful, but he knew he had to give the peacock his feathers back.

The lesson of the story is that it's crucial to value our individual qualities and talents that make us exceptional as well as to be proud of who we are and what we have. Instead of trying to steal or mimic what belongs to someone else, we should instead concentrate on honing and applying our own talents and skills. Therefore, rather than attempting to steal or duplicate the things that belong to others, we should be proud of who we are and what we have.