The Two Goats

The Two Goats
Aesop's Fables - The Two Goats

One day, two goats were moving slowly through a narrow track that went over a deep ravine. They decided to use a wood that was over the ravine as a bridge as they traveled on.

The first goat climbed up on the log with caution and made his way across. However, as he moved, he became aware of the vast valley below. He became alarmed and halted in his tracks, unsure of what to do.

In close pursuit, the second goat observed the first goat's trepidation and came up with a plan. Come on, she urged. "Together, hanging on to each other, let's cross the log. By doing this, we can show courage and inspire one another."

The first goat in line took a breath and nodded. Holding on to each other, the two goats navigated the log to reach the other side.

The lesson of the tale is that, even though it's important to be brave and face our fears, there are times when getting support from others can be helpful. Together, we can get beyond even the toughest challenges and achieve our goals.