The Travelers and the Purse

The Travelers and the Purse
Aesop's Fables - The Travelers and the Purse

Two travelers came across a handbag laying on the ground one day as they were strolling down a route. The passengers could see that the bag was extremely precious because it was made of quality leather and featured a golden clasp.

Though they were tempted to grab the handbag, the travelers were aware that it wasn't theirs. They made the decision to take it to the closest town and look for the owner there.

However, no one claimed the purse when the passengers proceeded to the town and inquired. They made the choice to give the purse to the mayor of the community, who consented to keep it until the owner could be located.

A wealthy merchant came to town a few days later hunting for his misplaced purse. The merchant was quite appreciative when the mayor gave him back his pocketbook.

The shopkeeper was so appreciative that he promised to thank the passengers for being truthful by giving them something. The curious travelers praised the shopkeeper for his kindness.

"Honesty is the best policy," is the story's main lesson.