The Three Little Pigs and The Wolf

The Three Little Pigs and The Wolf

Three small pigs by the names of Peter, Paul, and Polly once lived in a land far, far away. They shared a cute small house in the woods with their mother. Their mother informed them that the time had come for them to leave the nest and establish independent lives.

The oldest pig, Peter, made the decision to construct his home from straw. He was done in a flash because it was simple and quick. The middle pig, Paul, made the decision to construct his home from sticks. Even if it took a little longer, he still completed it in one day. The littlest pig, Polly, made the decision to construct her home with bricks. She took the longest, but she was adamant about having the biggest, sturdiest house.

The three young pigs were satisfied and delighted after their homes were completed. They were unaware that a large, dangerous wolf was prowling the woodland in search of his next prey. What a nice feast those three tiny pigs will make, he thought to himself as he caught sight of them and their dwellings.

The wolf initially visited Peter's straw-bale home. He exhaled heavily and sent a powerful wind gust crashing through the home.

Peter fled to his brother Paul's stick-built home while shivering with fear.

The wolf was not far behind and arrived at Paul's home quickly. He huffed and puffered and destroyed the home with the same ease that he did Peter's. With nowhere else to go, Paul and Peter hurried to Polly's brick home.

The wolf made a valiant effort to huff and puff when he got close to Polly's house, but it held firm. Although the wolf was upset and irritated, he did not want to give up. He made the decision to attempt to deceive the pigs into leaving their home.

The wolf yelled, "Tiny pigs, little pigs, let me in!"

Not according to the hair on our chinny-chin chins! Polly yelled in response.

The wolf tried all kinds of cunning maneuvers, but the pigs were wise and fell for none of them. The wolf eventually gave up and fled, never to be seen again.

Thanks to Polly's tenacity and astute reasoning, the three little pigs lived happily ever after in their sturdy brick home. They also discovered a crucial lesson: even if it takes a bit longer, it's always worthwhile to create anything well.