The Sly Fox and the Clever Stork

The Sly Fox and the Clever Stork
Bedtime stories - The Sly Fox and the Clever Stork

Once upon a time, a cunning fox named Felix lived in a verdant woodland. Felix was notorious for his cleverness and love of playing tricks on the other woodland animals.

One day, Felix had an idea. He felt it would be humorous to bring his neighbor, a stork named Stella, to dinner and offer her soup on a bowl that was too shallow for her to consume. Therefore, Felix visited Stella's nest and invited her to dinner.

Stella was thrilled to receive the invitation and eagerly accepted it. That nightfall, she flew to Felix's lair and was met by the fox, who had set the table with a large shallow bowl of wonderful soup.

Stella quickly realized that the soup bowl was too shallow for her long beak when she attempted to consume it. No matter how hard she tried, she was unable to consume a single drop of soup.

Felix, on the other hand, enjoyed eating the soup with his sharp teeth immensely. He chuckled to himself as he observed Stella's eating difficulties.

Stella, feeling ashamed and furious, returned to her nest. She could not believe that Felix had played her such a cruel prank.

Stella, though, was not one to surrender quickly. The next day, she planned to teach Felix a lesson by inviting him home for supper.

Felix gladly accepted the invitation, assuming that he would be offered another simple lunch. When he arrived at Stella's nest, he was greeted by the stork, who had placed a tall, thin jar filled with soup on the table.

Felix quickly recognized that the tall, thin jar was too lofty for his short snout when he attempted to consume the soup. No matter how hard he tried, he was unable to consume a single drop of soup.

Stella, on the other hand, was enjoying herself immensely while consuming soup with her large beak. She chuckled to herself as she observed Felix eat with difficulty.

Felix, feeling humiliated and irritated, flew back to his den. He could not believe Stella had pulled him such a cruel prank.

Felix learned his lesson that day and never again played pranks on the other animals in the forest. He recognized that playing pranks on others is impolite and that karma has a tendency of coming full circle.

What goes around, comes around is the moral of the narrative. It is crucial to be kind and polite to people, rather than trying to trick them. Remember to treat others as you would like to be treated.