The Sleepy Starry Night

The Sleepy Starry Night
Bedtime stories - The Sleepy Starry Night

Once upon a time, Little Star, who was quite drowsy, twinkled in the night sky. She wasn't sure where to go but wanted to find the ideal place to rest her head.

When the friendly moon saw the little star, it said, "Come with me, Little Star, and I'll show you where the best place in the sky is." Little Star then sailed into the night sky in a line of sight with the moon.

They observed lovely clouds moving across the sky as they flew. Little Star appeared to become even more drowsy because of how delicate and fluffy the clouds were.

Saying "Goodnight, Little Star," are dreamy clouds.

The moon finally paused and remarked, "You should rest here tonight because it's the ideal location. Here are several dozing sky creatures who will keep an eye on you as you snooze." When Little Star peered down, she saw an exhausted turtle, an owl, and a sleeping bunny all keeping watch over her.

Little Star, good night, whispers the snoozing owl.

"Sleep tight, Little Star," the worn-out turtle implores.

Dream big, Little Star, advises a yawning rabbit.

Little Star remarked with a smile, "I appreciate you bringing me here. Goodnight!" She cuddled up and dozed off after that.

Little Star was informed that it was time for bed by the sleepy sun as it awoke and rose in the morning. The amiable moon returned and wished the Little Star a good dream.

The lesson of the tale is how crucial it is to get enough sleep. Even if it can be challenging, going to bed when it's still light outside is crucial for our health and wellbeing. Thus, pay attention to your body and get some rest!

Little Star and The Moon