The Sleepy Sloth Who Wanted to Fly

The Sleepy Sloth Who Wanted to Fly
Bedtime stories - The Sleepy Sloth Who Wanted to Fly

There was once a sloth named Mabel who lived in the jungle. Due to her chronic exhaustion, Mabel frequently daydreamed about being a bird and flying all over the world.

Mabel witnessed a mystical bird flying high above the jungle and became curious as to how it achieved such a feat. She sought counsel from the elderly tree.

The sloth woke up the old tree and asked, "Oh wise old tree, how can I soar like the wonderful bird?"

To be successful, the tree advised, she must have faith in herself and the strength to take risks.

Mabel then left on her adventure. A friendly squirrel she saw along the road offered to show her the way.

The sloth asked the squirrel, "Could you assist me in discovering a means of flight similar to that of the enchanted bird?"

Curious, the squirrel responded: "In a word, yes! I have an idea that might help you out."

The squirrel led her along an uncharted trail in the bush.

A cruel vulture they encountered soon after informed them they were useless at flying.

You two are nothing but a couple of foolish animals, the vulture said cruelly.

It seemed like there was no hope for Mabel and the squirrel.

To Mabel's relief, a kind firefly stepped in and reassured her that she, too, could soar through the air if she just had faith in herself.

A magical butterfly, after being guided there by the firefly, consented to aid Mabel.

Will you help me soar like the mythical bird? the sloth asked the butterfly.

Answering with a touch of magic, the butterfly said: "Yes! If you're confident in yourself, I can teach you to soar."

A magical dust that the butterfly sprinkled on Mabel gave her the ability to fly.

Mabel thanked the butterfly and the firefly, then dusted herself and took to the air.

With the wind in her hair and the sun on her back, Mabel soared to new heights. To be so unrestricted and joyful was an experience she had never before had.

Mabel boarded a plane and traveled the world, finally seeing all the stunning sights about which she had only fantasized.

Mabel eventually made her way back to the jungle, where she expressed her gratitude to the sage old tree. After then, Mabel was no longer Mabel the sloth; she was Mabel the daring aviator!

This story's takeaway is simple: If you have faith in yourself, you can do anything.