The Sleepy Sheep's Storytime

The Sleepy Sheep's Storytime
Bedtime stories - The Sleepy Sheep's Storytime

A flock of sheep once made their home in a lush green pasture. During the day, they grazed on the lush grass, ran around, and napped in the bright sunshine.

But there was one sleepy sheep named Snoozy. He tried eating and playing, but neither helped him overcome his lethargy.

Snoozy's pals popped the question to him one day: "Snoozy, you seem awfully exhausted. Is there something wrong?"

As he sighed, Snoozy answered, "I can't say. I have been having trouble sleeping for quite some time. My mind races, and no matter how exhausted I am, I can't seem to get to sleep."

His buddies cared about him and wanted to assist him figure out what to do. A dreamcatcher was hung over Snoozy's bed, and he also tried counting sheep and drinking warm milk before bed. It was a mystery; nothing was helping.

Snoozy lay in bed, attempting to sleep, when he heard a soft, comforting voice. It was the wind's gentle voice, rustling the leaves.

Drowsy woke up and paid attention. The wind whispered to him that the secret to a restful night's sleep was to let go of his tension and let the wind take it with it.

Snoozy heeded the wind's counsel and relaxed. To no one's surprise, he soon drifted off into a restful slumber. That night on, Snoozy was able to get a full night's sleep without waking up, and he began to wake up each morning feeling revitalized.

With that, Snoozy's storytime was over, and he went back to sleeping soundly in his warm bed. Wishing you everyone a restful night, tiny ones.