The Shepherd Boy and the Wolf

The Shepherd Boy and the Wolf
Aesop's Fables - The Shepherd Boy and the Wolf

A shepherd boy was keeping an eye on his flock of sheep one day in a field. The young man wanted to have some fun because he was bored. He therefore made the decision to con the residents of the village nearby.

The child yelled, "Wolf, Wolf My livestock are under attack by the wolf!" After hearing the boy's cries, the locals rushed to the field to assist him.

When they got there, they saw that the wolf had vanished and that the youngster was mocking them. The youngster was warned not to cry wolf again until there was actually a wolf by the incensed townspeople.

But the boy paid no attention. A few days later, as he began to cry wolf once more, the locals rushed to the field to assist him. However, there was no wolf this time, and the child was mocking them.

Finally, the boy's sheep were attacked by a real wolf one day. The youngster yelled for rescue, but the villagers ignored him since they were sick of his pranks. Before being chased away, the wolf was able to steal some of the boy's sheep.

The young youngster never cried wolf again after learning his lesson.

"Don't cry wolf unless there truly is one," is the story's moral. "Or people won't believe you when you actually need aid."