The Serpent and the Eagle

The Serpent and the Eagle
Aesop's Fables - The Serpent and the Eagle

A serpent and an eagle once coexisted in a remote location. The serpent was sneaky and shrewd, constantly hunting for an advantage. The eagle, on the other hand, soared high in the sky and was honorable and proud.

The serpent devised a cunning scheme one day. He approached the eagle on the ground and said, "I've heard that you, dear eagle, are the most imposing and majestic of all the birds. But I'll let you in on a little secret. You will grow even more powerful and regal if you consume me."

Arrogantly taking the serpent's words to heart, the eagle made the decision to devour him. The serpent started to writhe and twist as soon as he was within the eagle's stomach, inflicting the bird with severe discomfort. Realizing his error, the eagle swiftly spit out the serpent, which slithered away while laughing at the bird's folly.

"Do not be fooled by flattery or by those who strive to deceive you," is the story's moral. Someone does not necessarily have your best interests at heart just because they speak to you politely or flatter you. It's critical to exercise wisdom and caution, and to avoid letting conceit or bluster impair your judgment.