The Peacock and the Crane

The Peacock and the Crane
Aesop's Fables - The Peacock and the Crane

Once upon a time, a peacock and a crane lived in a lovely garden full of vibrant flowers and chattering birds. The peacock was incredibly proud of its vibrant feathers and enjoyed flaunting them to the other animals in the garden. However, the crane was a much more subdued bird. It favored the shadows and had simple, grey feathers.

To flaunt its wealth and rank, the peacock made the decision to host a lavish feast in the garden one day. It called all the animals over to partake in a lavish feast. The crane was also invited, but it declined since it was too fearful to attend the feast with the other animals.

The peacock had prepared a sumptuous array of food, which included numerous mouthwatering fruits and nuts. All of the animals took pleasure in the feast, but the peacock consumed the most food. It devoured everything, leaving nothing for the other animals to eat.

The crane was dissatisfied that it had not been bold enough to join the others after watching the feast from a distance. It understood that the peacock had become conceited and greedy as a result of its pride. The crane came to understand that it is preferable to be modest and attentive of others than it is to be haughty and self-centered.

The story's lesson is that "pride goes before a fall." Instead of thinking just of ourselves, it is necessary to be modest and respectful of others.