The Oxen and the Wheels

The Oxen and the Wheels
Aesop's Fables - The Oxen and the Wheels

A farmer once struggled to get his oxen to plow his fields. Although the oxen were powerful, they were obstinate and refused to work. Nothing appeared to work, despite the farmer's best efforts to get the oxen to work.

The farmer had an idea one day. He went to the blacksmith and asked him to manufacture the oxen's wagon some new wheels. Then the farmer mounted the cart's new wheels and hooked the oxen to it.

The oxen were considerably more eager to work when they were pulling the cart with the new wheels, which surprised the farmer. The oxen didn't have to exert as much effort to draw the cart because the wheels were smoother and easier to turn.

The new wheels pleased the farmer greatly, and he expressed gratitude to the blacksmith for his assistance.

"Sometimes, a minor alteration can make a great difference," is the story's main lesson.