The Old Lion and the Fox

The Old Lion and the Fox
Aesop's Fables - The Old Lion and the Fox

A wise old lion who was the king of the jungle once resided in a deep forest. The lion understood that he wouldn't be able to hunt for food for too much longer because he was growing old and frail.

The lion devised a strategy one day. He convened a gathering of all the woodland creatures and informed them that he would no longer be able to go hunting for sustenance. Instead, he would wait for the animals to bring him food while sitting in a wooded clearing.

The animals initially balked at the lion's suggestion, but they soon complied. They would bring the lion a little of their meal each day.

One day, a cunning fox recognized a chance. He was aware that the lion was waning and that if he attempted to flee with the food, he would be impossible to catch. So the fox made the choice to deceive the lion.

The fox presented a basket of grapes to the lion the following day. The lion was ecstatic and quickly ate the grapes. However, the fox cleverly said in his ear as he was eating, "Those grapes, you know, were a little bit sour. On the other side of the forest, in the vineyard, I imagine there are much sweeter grapes. Why don't you join me so we can go grab some together?"

The thought of luscious grapes entices the lion, who decides to accompany the fox. The fox kept chattering and diverting the lion's attention as they made their way through the jungle. The lion was being led by the fox farther and farther from the clearing where he was waiting for his prey.

The fox finally came to a stop and exclaimed, "Here we are, then! There is a vineyard right beyond that hill. But I do have a question for you before we leave. Do you think it's fair that you just wait around in the clearing till we bring you food? Don't you think it's about time you started working for a living?"

The fox's remarks surprised the lion, who then acknowledged that the fox was correct. It was time for him to start carrying his own weight because he had been abusing the other animals' goodwill.

The fox and the lion so struck a pact. The lion started hunting for his own food after that, and the other animals would only bring him a portion of their meal on special occasions. After that, everyone enjoyed a happy life.

The lesson of the story is that we should take care of ourselves and be independent rather than depending on others to do things for us. It's also crucial to express gratitude for others' generosity and kindness rather than to take it for granted.