The Oak and the Reeds

The Oak and the Reeds
Aesop's Fables - The Oak and the Reeds

One day, a big, huge oak tree was proud of his size and strength as he stood tall in the forest. A cluster of thin reeds was swaying nearby in the breeze.

Why are you bending and swaying in the wind, wasting time? said the oak tree. "You ought to be as tall and powerful as I am."

Reeds, however, said, "Despite being diminutive and slender, we are flexible and adaptable. While you stand hard and inflexible, we may flex and swing with the wind. We can resist the intensity of the storms whereas you can break or become uprooted."

So the oak tree stood strong and proud while the reeds continued to waver and bend in the wind.

But one day, a violent storm with high winds and torrential rain swept over the forest. The oak tree was snapped in half because it was unable to endure the intensity of the storm due to its hard and unyielding branches.

The reeds, on the other hand, managed to swing and bend with the wind and survived the storm unharmed.

The moral of the story is that it's better to be adaptive and flexible than stiff and inflexible while facing change and difficulties. We may sometimes weather life's storms better if we can adapt and go with the flow.