The Necromancer and the Snake: A Tale of Friendship and Power

Once upon a time, in the highlands of a distant land, there lived a powerful necromancer named Zoltar. He was feared and revered by all who knew of him, for he had the ability to raise the dead and command them to do his bidding.

The Necromancer and the Snake: A Tale of Friendship and Power
Myth story: The Necromancer and the Snake: A Tale of Friendship and Power
This is a 5 minutes bedtime story of Zoltar's encounter with a snake, which leads to an adventure and teaches a valuable lesson about the true meaning of friendship and power.

Back in the day, there was a great necromancer by the name of Zoltar who resided in the mountains of a faraway continent. Because he could order the dead to perform his bidding, he inspired both dread and awe among his contemporaries. However, Zoltar was an extremely lonely guy despite his formidable abilities. He was an outcast, spending his days aimlessly roaming the highlands in search of methods to advance his career and raise his profile.

A gigantic serpent was coiled upon a rock in a clearing he stumbled across one day as he made his way through the perilous and gloomy forest. The snake's scales were gold and silver, and its eyes shone like embers, making it unlike any he had ever seen.

Intrigued by the serpent, Zoltar cautiously approached it. The snake's voice was gentle and lilting as he got closer.

The snake greeted the necromancer. "I am the forest's chief and I have been keeping an eye on you. I know how strong you are, and I think we could accomplish a lot if we worked together."

At first, Zoltar was doubtful, but the snake's words and demeanor ultimately persuaded him. He accepted the snake's invitation, and the two of them went out to discover the highlands.

Along their journey, Zoltar and the snake came across a wide variety of bizarre and dangerous creatures. Obstacles appeared, but with the necromancer's magic and the snake's insight, they were easily surmounted. They fought enormous spiders, terrifying animals, and an army of the undead that had arisen to torment the country.

As they grew in power and stature together, Zoltar came to view the serpent as more than simply an ally; it had become a true friend. Along the way, he realized that the snake was no ordinary reptile, but rather a mighty and ancient entity with wisdom and prowess far beyond that of mortals.

The pair persevered in their travels together through numerous perils and challenges. Nonetheless, as their relationship progressed, Zoltar developed new perspectives. He realized that the source of genuine authority is not terror and manipulation, but rather insight and empathy.

Therefore, Zoltar gave up necromancy and vowed to use his abilities for the benefit of humanity. Together with the snake, he became the protector of the highlands, and their bond grew deeper with each passing day.

Over time, the inhabitants of the highlands began to consider Zoltar and the serpent as heroes, rather than monsters. They erected monuments and temples to them and passed down accounts of their exploits to subsequent generations.

Although Zoltar and the snake became overnight celebrities, they never lost sight of the lessons they had acquired on their travels. They persisted in helping others and sharing their knowledge of magic. And in their senescence, they reflected on their lives, filled with satisfaction and pride, for they knew they had made a difference.

Wisdom and compassion, not fear and manipulation, are the sources of true power, according to the story's conclusion. And that real friendship is founded not on receiving favors but on providing assistance to those in need. That true sturdiness comes from caring rather than control.

We should take inspiration from the story of the necromancer and the serpent and try to emulate their virtues. Let's put our abilities to good use.