The Mule

The Mule
Aesop's Fables - The Mule

There once was a mule who lived and worked for a farmer in a lush meadow surrounded by gentle hills. The mule, a powerful and sturdy animal, worked in the fields all day long, plows the fields and carries large loads.

The mule, however, wasn't always obedient because he was a little opinionated and obstinate. He occasionally ignored the farmer's orders since he preferred to do things his own.

A patch of clover was discovered by the mule when he was plowin' a field one day, and he decided to eat it. The farmer was irate and frustrated when he noticed that the mule had stopped working and was consuming the clover. The mule continued to eat the clover despite his attempts to urge it to return to work.

The farmer made the decision to discipline the mule after noticing his intransigence and lack of cooperation. In an effort to get the mule to appreciate the importance of being obedient and not being lazy, he hit him with a stick.

The mule recognized his error and folly after experiencing the agony and punishment of the thrashing. He was aware that he ought to have followed the farmer's instructions and not been defiant or arrogant.

The lesson of the story is to respect those in positions of power and experience and to follow their instructions. We must not be obstinate or arrogant; rather, we must be courteous and obedient, and we must adhere to others' norms and instructions. In order to respect people and to follow their rules and instructions, we need constantly be obedient and respectful.