The Miser

Scrooge was a miserly man who loved hoarding his wealth. One cold winter evening, a poor man begged for help and Scrooge turned him away. The next day, Scrooge realized the error of his ways and became a kind and generous man, learning that true happiness comes from helping others.

The Miser
Aesop's Fable: The Miser

A miserly old man named Scrooge once resided in a sleepy little town. Scrooge had plenty of money, but he was a very greedy man. For him, there was no greater pleasure than stockpiling cash and counting his money.

Scrooge was inside his warm and cozy house counting his money on a dark and stormy night when the doorbell rang. After opening the door, Scrooge saw a homeless guy who was clearly cold and looking for shelter.

The man pleaded, "Please sir, I am in serious need of help." "As a result, my family and I are currently starving to death. Do you happen to have a couple of dollars we could borrow?"

Scrooge gave the man a disgusted look and stated, "I have a lot of money, but I'm not going to waste it on you. Leave here and go beg somewhere else."

The distraught man walked away as Scrooge angrily shut the door.

Throughout the night, Scrooge kept thinking about the unfortunate man and his family. He started to feel bad about himself and realized he made a mistake by rejecting the man.

A day later, Scrooge paid the poor guy and his family a visit. He presented the man with a large bag of coins and said, "My egotistical actions were unacceptable, and for that I apologize. Spend this money on necessities like food and a place to sleep for you and your loved ones."

Incredibly grateful, the poor man thanked Scrooge repeatedly. It wasn't the money itself that made Scrooge happy, but the enjoyment he brought to others.

After then, Scrooge changed his ways and began helping the poor with his money. He realized that assisting others and not hoarding their possessions was the key to his own happiness.

The moral of the narrative is that it is more beneficial to give than to hoard. Helping other people is the key to a happy life.