The Lion and the Mouse

The Lion and the Mouse
Aesop's Fables - The Lion and the Mouse

In the past, there was a strong lion named Leo who ruled over a lovely woodland. The other animals in the forest dreaded Leo because he was the strongest and most dangerous of all of them. One day, as Leo was dozing off under a tree, a little mouse named Max came running over to him.

Max, the mouse, had always been very interested in the lion. In order to better understand Leo, he began to investigate him. Max startled the sleeping lion as he approached closer and closer to him.

The unexpected sound caused Leo to leap to his feet, roar, and prepare for battle. As soon as he realized it was only a mouse, though, he laughed to himself and went back to sleep.

"Leo reassured the mouse, "Don't worry; I won't hurt you. You pose no threat to me at all, being much too little."

Max thanked Leo for his thoughtfulness and relief. Max and Leo became inseparable from that day forward. Leo even let Max ride shotgun on his back when they went on walks in the woods.

Leo was unfortunate enough to become the victim of a hunter's trap one day. He tried his hardest, but there was no way for him to get away. Max, who was close by, witnessed what happened and immediately rushed to assist his friend.

Max, despite his diminutive stature, exerted all of his muscle in an attempt to bite through the ropes that restrained Leo. Max labored for hours, but eventually freed Leo.

Leo expressed his appreciation by saying, "Thank you, my little friend." "No idea where I'd be if not for you. You've shown that even the tiniest of creatures can have a huge impact if they put their minds to it."

From that point on, Max and Leo became inseparable companions who looked out for and supported one another at every turn. That friendship can cross borders and appear in unexpected places was a lesson they took away.