The Grumpy Snail And The Lazy Donkey

The Grumpy Snail And The Lazy Donkey
Bedtime stories - The Grumpy Snail And The Lazy Donkey

A donkey named Donny and a snail named Sid lived in a distant land. Sid was a pessimistic little snail who always griped about everything. He detested moving slowly and wished he could outpace the other animals in speed.

On the other hand, Donny was a sluggish donkey. Nothing made him happier than taking naps and lying about in the sun. Donny never wanted to perform any work and would frequently give reasons why he couldn't complete tasks.

The animals in the forest made the decision to compete in a race one day to see who was the fastest. Except for Sid and Donny, all of the animals were eager to participate.

Sid was concerned that because he moved so slowly, people would make fun of him. Donny was also concerned that he would need to strain himself and take action.

However, the other animals wouldn't listen to them and persuaded Sid and Donny to take part in the race.

As a result, on the race day, every animal queued up at the starting gate. Sid and Donny were towards the back of the group and were concerned.

All of the animals sprinted off to start the race. The deer ran through the meadows as the squirrels scurried up the trees and the rabbits bound through the forest.

However, Sid and Donny fell behind. Sid tried to move as quickly as he could, but his short legs simply couldn't keep up. In addition, Donny was moving slowly in an effort to preserve energy.

Sid and Donny slipped further and more behind as the other animals gained ground. Soon, panting and worn out, they were far behind.

Sid was down on himself, thinking he would never be able to keep up with the other animals. But then he turned to gaze at Donny, who was on the ground and unable to move because of exhaustion.

Sid understood that other people also had trouble with speed. He also understood that it made no difference if he was the forest's slowest animal. It was important that he gave it his all and enjoyed himself.

Sid helped Donny stand up, and the two of them completed the race while laughing and enjoying themselves.

Sid and Donny reaching the finish line astounded the other animals. They had never seen the two of them with such tenacity and persistence.

After that, Sid and Donny gained a reputation as the bravest and most tenacious animals in the jungle. And they discovered that having fun and supporting one another were more important than winning or losing.