The Gnat and the Bull

The Gnat and the Bull

A gnat was swarming about on a sweltering summer day looking for a spot to rest. She saw a large, powerful bull standing in the field as she flew over it. The gnat descended and touched down on the bull's nostril.

The bull whacked the mosquito with his tail after getting a tickle. The gnat, though, simply grinned and flew away, out of sight.

The gnat kept flying around the bull, landing on various areas of his body, and then taking off once more. The bull eventually let out a loud bellow out of frustration and annoyance and started chasing after the gnat.

The gnat, however, was too swift and escaped the bull's grasp by flying away. "I may be small and nimble, but you may be large and strong, she yelled. While you are confined to one location, I am free to go around as I like."

The moral of the story is that we should embrace and appreciate our own talents rather than attempting to compare ourselves to others. Each of us is unique and exceptional because of the various skills and attributes we possess.