The Frogs and the Ox

The Frogs and the Ox
Aesop's Fables - The Frogs and the Ox

There once were some frogs who lived in a meadow beside a river. Living in the cool, clean waters of the river and singing their jubilant melodies, they were joyful and pleased.

An ox visited the river one day to drink. The frogs in the water were singing and playing as he knelt down to have a drink.

What a beautiful life you have, the ox exclaimed. "While I labor hard in the fields shovel soil and haul heavy loads, you get to swim and play all day."

The frogs encouraged the ox to swim with them in the water after being touched by his flattering remarks. However, the ox discovered that he was too huge and ungainly as he attempted to enter the river. As he struggled to swim, he stumbled and collapsed while splashing and flailing around.

The frogs, who were smaller and more nimble than the ox, taunted him and laughed, saying, "You are too large and ungainly to be with us. It would be best if you continued working in the fields."

The humiliated and foolish ox went back to the fields, leaving the frogs in the river to carry on with their carefree existence.

The lesson of the story is that we should be happy with what we have and work in our areas of greatest aptitude. We shouldn't attempt things that are beyond our capabilities or harbor any envious thoughts toward others' possessions.