The Frog Prince

The Frog Prince
Bedtime stories - The Frog Prince

There there was a lovely princess who had everything she needed but a prince to marry, and she resided in a kingdom far, far away. Having not yet found a prince who loved her for who she was, the princess felt sad and lonely.

The Princess was strolling around the palace gardens when she spotted a frog lounging on the edge of the pond. The frog had oddly large eyes set in a wide, warty face.

When the princess saw the frog, she felt bad for him and decided to take him home with her. She carefully placed the frog in an intricately decorated box and returned him to her room.

As the princess was getting ready for bed that night, the frog talked to her in an odd, croaking voice.

The frog pleaded with the princess, "Please, princess, I beg of you, liberate me from this box." I'll give you three wishes if you do it.

The princess was so awed and intrigued by the frog that she agreed to his request. She cracked the lid and released the amphibian.

As the frog hopped out of the box, it transformed into a lovely prince. The prince stood at a commanding stature, and his countenance was one of gentle nobility.

After being freed from his spell, the prince expressed his gratitude to the princess. "I'll fulfill your three requests, just like I said I would. I'm curious as to what they are."

The princess was pleased and couldn't believe her luck. After giving it some thought, she answered, "I want for a beautiful garden full of flowers and trees where I can walk and enjoy the sunshine."

The prince clapped his hands, and a stunning landscape materialized before him, complete with blooming flowers and towering trees. The princess was overjoyed and hurried off to investigate.

What is your second request, the prince inquired.

The princess thought for a bit and then responded, "I wish for a large palace, full with golden halls and brilliant gems."

With a clap of his hands, the prince summoned a magnificent mansion resplendent with gold and diamonds. The princess, awestruck, hurried over to investigate.

What is your third and final wish?" the prince inquired.

The young lady deliberated for a while, and then she responded, "My heart's desire is to find real love, the kind of love that lasts a lifetime. Do you want to be my prince and love me for all time?"

As he held the princess's hand, the prince murmured, "I do already, honey. As soon as I laid eyes on you, I knew I had to have you in my life."

Following their lavish wedding, the princess and prince settled down to spend the rest of their lives together in a palace with a magnificent garden. The lesson to be learned from this tale is that genuine love can triumph over any challenge, and that what we perceive to be a curse may actually be a blessing in disguise.