The Frog and the Mouse

The Frog and the Mouse
Aesop's Fables - The Frog and the Mouse

Once upon a time, a fat and content frog lived in a green and murky pond. He passed his time catching flies for breakfast and relaxing on lily pads. He was relaxing on a lily pad one day when he saw a little mouse trying to swim across the pond.

The frog yelled to the mouse, "What are you doing?" "The little mouse, what are you doing? You're not a great swimmer, are you?"

The mouse answered: "I'm making an effort to cross the pond. I'm running late for a crucial meeting!"

The frog grinned and declared, "I can ride on my back for you if you need to get somewhere quickly. Take a seat and I'll drive you there!"

The mouse was hesitant at first, but after deciding to put his trust in the kind frog, he went up his back. The mouse clung tenaciously to the back of the frog as he started to swim across the pond.

They came upon a big, frightening-appearing alligator floating in the water as they were swimming. Who's for lunch, the alligator roared as he extended his lips wide?

The mouse sprang from the frog's back in a flash of fear and swam as quickly as he could to the opposite side of the pond. The frog grinned and remarked, "I wasn't scared of the alligator at all." "See, you tiny mouse? You shouldn't draw conclusions so quickly. The alligator was merely making fun. He eats vegetarianism!"

The mouse, who had been swimming so vigorously, gasped and responded, "I apologize for my skepticism, frog. I've learned not to make snap judgments about people."

The mouse and the frog grew close and spent many more days collecting flies and relaxing on lily pads.

The moral of the story is to never pass judgment on people too fast and to always give them the opportunity to demonstrate their genuine selves.