The Fox and the Grapes

The Fox and the Grapes
Aesop's Fables - The Fox and the Grapes

A fox formerly inhabited a little den deep within the woods. The fox was out looking for food when he stumbled across a gorgeous grapevine. The fox had a ravenous appetite, and the grapes enticed him with their luscious appearance.

To get to the grapes, he had to stand on his hind legs, but they were too high. No matter how high he jumped or how far out his limbs stretched, the fox just couldn't reach the grapes. The fox gave up and walked away in disgust and frustration.

The fox mumbled to himself as he walked away, "Even if they weren't, I wouldn't eat those grapes. No, I definitely wouldn't want to eat them."

The lesson here is that it's simple to be critical of or dismissive of something that we don't have or can't accomplish. One must keep in mind that it is not always reasonable to conclude that something is not desirable just because it is out of one's reach.