The Fox and the Crab

The Fox and the Crab
Aesop's Fables - The Fox and the Crab

A cunning fox and a brave crab formerly resided in a lush green forest. The crab resided by the riverbed in a cozy burrow, whereas the fox dwelt in a cozy lair.

The fox was taking a stroll one day when he noticed the crab crawling around. What a tasty supper the crab would make, the fox thought to himself. He thus sneakily walked up to the crab and stated, "My name is Little Crab. Would you like to join me for some playtime?"

The crab, who was a little naive, happily agreed and went to the stream with the fox. The fox asked the crab if he wanted to play a game as they were walking. The fox suggested that they play a game of hide and seek after the crab nodded in agreement.

The fox counted to ten while the crab hid behind a rock. The fox searched for the crab once he had completed counting, but he was unable to locate him. Where are you, little crab? he yelled.

The crab emerged from behind the rock and declared, "I'm here," believing the game was finished. But the moment the crab emerged, the fox pounced and devoured him.

The lesson of the tale is to be wary of people who might not be acting in your best interests. Not everyone has good intentions, even if they seem friendly and offer to play a game with you. It's crucial to exercise caution and consider your options.