The Fisherman and the Little Fish

The Fisherman and the Little Fish
Aesop's Fables - The Fisherman and the Little Fish

A fisherman went out onto the river one day in an effort to catch some fish for dinner. He noticed a tiny fish swimming by as he cast his line.

The fisherman said, "Hey, little fish." Do you want to eat for me tonight?

The young fish cried out, "Oh no, Fisherman." "I do not desire to be consumed. The water is where I wish to live and swim."

The fisherman answered, "Well, if you help me capture some bigger fish, I'll let you go.

The little fish concurred, and the two of them managed to catch a large, tasty fish. The fisherman maintained his word and let the little fish free because he was so grateful for his assistance.

The small fish said, "Thank you, Fisherman." I have faith in you, I told you.

The lesson of this tale is how crucial it is to honor our commitments and obligations. We may develop great relationships with others and earn their trust by acting with honesty and integrity.