The Fighting Bulls and the Frog

The Fighting Bulls and the Frog
Aesop's Fables - The Fighting Bulls and the Frog

There once were two bulls who resided in a pasture. They started debating who was more powerful and stronger one day. They made the decision to engage in combat to resolve their disagreement.

A little frog that lived in the meadow watched them as they prepared to fight with interest. The bulls responded when the frog questioned what they were doing by saying they were about to engage in combat to determine who was the strongest.

The frog grinned and declared, "Why engage in conflict? You are a powerful and strong animal. Instead of fighting, you should use your strength to support one another."

The bulls were taken aback by the frog's remarks and came to the conclusion that he was correct. They resolved to put their differences aside and cooperate instead. They supported one another and the other creatures in the meadow by using their strength.

The lesson of the narrative is that working together and using our strength and might for good is preferable to competing and hurting one another.