The Farmer and the Stork

The Farmer and the Stork
Aesop's Fables - The Farmer and the Stork

There once was a farmer who maintained a modest farm. The farmer had a pond on his property where numerous bird species could be found. A stork was one of the birds that called the pond home.

The farmer delighted in watching the stork as she flew and caught fish in the pond since she was such a gorgeous and elegant bird. The farmer did, however, discover that the stork was stealing some of his young hens one day.

In his rage, the farmer made the decision to capture the stork. He prepared a trap and awaited the stork's entry. The farmer was pleased with himself when the stork landed in the trap and brought it to his barn.

The stork pleaded with the farmer to let her go, saying that she only took the young chicks because she was starving and wanted to provide for her own young. The stork's tale touched the farmer, and he agreed to let her go.

The story's lesson is that it's crucial to comprehend another person's reasons before passing judgment on them.