The Farmer and the Snake

The Farmer and the Snake
Aesop's Fables - The Farmer and the Snake

A farmer who resided in a little village once upon a time. He once discovered a snake that had been frozen in the cold when he was working in his crops. The farmer made the decision to bring the snake home to be warmed up after feeling bad for it.

The snake was put in front of the fire, and he waited for it to thaw. The snake came back to life and bit the farmer as it warmed up. Feeling betrayed, the farmer took a stick and whacked the snake to death.

The farmer addressed the snake as it lay on the ground dying from the venom's effects "This is your way of saying "thank you" for saving me from the cold. You ought to be aware that I'm a farmer and that I naturally defend myself against snakes."

The conclusion of the story is that we should exercise caution in our choice of friends and be kind to everyone. Not everyone who appears to be in need of assistance will always be appreciative of it. Even when we are attempting to do good, it is crucial to exercise caution and safeguard our own safety.