The Farmer and the Cranes

The Farmer and the Cranes
Aesop's Fable: The Farmer and the Cranes

An old farmer formerly resided on a modest farm at the edge of a field. He once observed a flock of cranes flying overhead while he was taking care of his crops. The farmer's field was full of tall, green stalks of wheat, and the cranes were looking for a place to rest when they noticed it.

In preparation for a feast of the juicy, ripe grains, the cranes flew down and landed in the field. The farmer chased the cranes away with a stick because he did not like to see them eating his crops.

After taking off, the cranes soon came back with more of their pals. The farmer chased the cranes away once more, but each time they returned, they were accompanied by more and more of their buddies.

The farmer finally came to the conclusion that he could not continue to shoo the cranes away. To safeguard his crops, he devised a cunning strategy. He constructed a scarecrow and set it up in the field in the hopes that the cranes would be scared off by it and stay away.

The scarecrow was successful, much to the farmer's joy! When the cranes noticed the scarecrow, they flew away in terror and never came back.

Instead than attempting to remedy issues after they have already arisen, it is preferable to take measures to prevent issues from occurring in the first place.