The Farmer and His Sons

The Farmer and His Sons
Aesop's Fables - The Farmer and His Sons

A farmer once had an abundance of ripe apples in his field. Despite wanting to pick the apples, the farmer was unable to do so due to his advancing age. To that end, he phoned his sons and stated, "I am too old to pick the apples, my sweet children. Help me choose the apples, please."

However, the sons were averse to working since they were indolent. They answered, "Let's not pick the apples, Father. It requires too much work."

Despite being dissatisfied, the farmer persisted. His plan was clever. To his sons, he uttered: "You're free to skip picking the apples, okay. Nevertheless, if you don't, the apples will spoil and we'll lose all of our laborious effort. Are you seeking that?"

The sons gave their father's observation some attention and concluded that he was correct. They made the choice to pick the apples together. The apples were secure and the field was spotless when they were done.

The lesson of the tale is that it's crucial to put in a lot of effort and to avoid being lazy. Inability to complete our work could prevent us from reaping the rewards of our efforts. Don't give up and always try your best!