The Elephant's Child

The Elephant's Child
Bedtime stories - The Elephant's Child

A baby elephant named Elly used to reside in a pleasant, green forest. Elly was incredibly inquisitive and frequently asked questions about his surroundings.

Why is the sky blue, he inquired to his mother one day.

His mom responded, "Elly, that is a really good question. The sun's reflection off the Earth's atmosphere causes the sky to seem blue."

After giving this some thought, Elly questioned her mother, "Mama, why do the leaves on the trees change color in the fall?"

His mother responded, "That is yet another intriguing subject, Elly." "The alterations in temperature and solar exposure cause the leaves to change color. The leaves stop producing chlorophyll, which gives them their green hue, as the temperature drops and the number of daylight hours decreases. The leaves' autumnal hues are caused by the other pigments, such as red and yellow, becoming more apparent."

Elly was intrigued by this information and enquired further. Mama, where do babies come from? he enquired.

His mother responded with a smile: "Oh, Elly, that is a very unique puzzle. With age, you will gain more knowledge about it. Knowing that babies are born from their mothers and grow to be strong and healthy with love and care is sufficient for the time being."

Elly nodded, content for the time being. He did, however, have one more query in his head. "Mama, why do we need to be careful and respectful?"

His mom responded, "Well, Elly, decency and prudence are crucial because they enable us to coexist happily and safely with others. When we respect people, we convey to them our appreciation for their thoughts and feelings. And when we exercise caution, we take care to consider the effects of our choices and act responsibly. Respect and caution are valuable traits to possess since they will benefit you in all aspects of your life."

Elly nodded, realizing the value of caution and respect after giving his mother's words some thought.

They suddenly became aware of a loud croaking noise in the area. It was the ancient, wise crocodile who lived in a pond at the edge of the forest, Elly's mother recounted.

"Elly, you should go ask the wise old crocodile if you have any more questions, his mother said. He has lived a long life and has a wealth of information and experience to impart."

Elly's eyes sparkled with anticipation. After saying "thank you" to his mother, he headed for the pond. He arrived and saw the elderly crocodile on the bank enjoying the sun.

Elly gingerly approached the ancient crocodile and said, "Hello, wise old crocodile." "I want to ask you a question."

The crocodile peered at Elly with one of its eyes open. What do you want to know, he enquired.

Elly said he had been considering the significance of deference and caution. The crocodile responded with a nod "Ah, these are really significant characteristics. Respect enables us to recognize and value people, while caution enables us to make informed judgments and stay out of harm's way. A happy and fulfilling existence requires both."

Elly felt appreciative for the things he had learned that day and thanked the crocodile for his guidance before going back to his mother.

Respect and prudence are virtues that are crucial to possess in life, according to the story's lesson. They assist us in making sensible judgments and allowing us to live in safety and peace. We can live happy, meaningful lives by being considerate of other people and acting responsibly.