The Elephant and the Mouse

The Elephant and the Mouse
Bedtime stories - The Elephant and the Mouse

A long time ago, an elephant and a mouse lived in a thick jungle teeming with tall trees and colorful flowers. The elephant, with its long, flexible trunk and strong, robust legs, was the largest and strongest animal in the jungle. The mouse has the tiniest body and the most delicate, whiskered paws of any animal in the woods.

The elephant and the mouse were great pals to each other despite their physical contrasts. They would spend their days exploring the forest together, playing games and having adventures.

When the elephant and the mouse were exploring the bush one day, they came discovered a deep, dark pit. They couldn't even see the bottom of the pit, and the rough rocks on all sides made it impossible to escape.

Because of their relative sizes and strengths, the elephant made an attempt to use his trunk to pull the mouse out of the hole. He tried and tried, but he just couldn't get a firm hold on the little mouse.

Seeing that the elephant couldn't pull her out, the mouse devised a plan to use her own resources and cleverness to free herself. As she looked for a route out, she scurried around the ledges of the chasm.

The mouse had to work hard, but in the end it found a tiny crevice in the rock. She managed to fit her little frame through the opening and emerge on the other side, unharmed.

After realizing the mouse had gotten away, the elephant was filled with glee. He put his trunk around her and gave her a strong hug, exclaiming, "Thank heavens you're safe! For a while there, I was really concerned about you."

In response to the elephant's caring, the mouse broke into a broad grin and exclaimed, "My dear friend, you are the reason I am secure. Truly good friends are like that; you were there for me when I needed you."

The lesson to be learned from this story is that true friendship has no limits and that even the weakest among us can find strength in the generosity of strangers. There comes an end to the discussion.