The Dog in the Manger

The Dog in the Manger
Aesop's Fables - The Dog in the Manger

Once upon a time, a greedy and self-centered dog was lying in a manger filled with straw and hay in a green meadow surrounded by rolling hills. The farmer used the manger as a place to feed and shelter his livestock.

However, because the dog was ungrateful and self-centered, he didn't want the other animals to get any of the hay or straw. He snarled and growled as he laid in the manger, forbidding anyone else from going near it.

When the other animals noticed that the dog was being unfairly and unreasonable, they made an effort to convince him to share the manger and its contents. They explained that the hay and straw were what they needed to use as bedding and food because they were equally as hungry and worn out as he was.

But the dog, being obstinate and arrogant, refused to pay attention or comprehend. Using his snarl and his fists, he drove the other animals away from the manger.

The lesson of the tale is that we should not be avaricious or conceited, and that we should be prepared to share what we have with others. Instead of grumbling or refusing others what they want or need, we should be giving and understanding and take into account other people's needs and well-being. Consequently, we ought to always be kind and considerate of others' needs and interests.