The Dog and his Master's Dinner

The Dog and his Master's Dinner
Aesop's Fables - The Dog and his Master's Dinner

A lovely and compassionate man who liked nothing more than to make and eat delectable meals once resided in a cozy small house near the woods. The man had a faithful dog that always followed him about and trusted him for safety.

One day, as the guy was preparing a mouthwatering roast dinner, the dog noticed the aroma of the cooked meat wafting through the air. The dog started to get hungry, and his tummy started to growl.

The man decided to give the dog a small slice of the roast as a treat after noting his eager gaze. However, the man dropped the roast on the ground by mistake when he grabbed for it.

When the dog saw the roast laying on the ground, he was unable to resist the urge. The man was left standing there without the roast after he scooped it up in his teeth and fled.

Knowing that he would have to restart his dinner made the man unhappy and dissatisfied. But he understood that he could not hold the dog responsible for his actions because he had just acted in response to instinct and hunger.

The lesson of the tale is that we shouldn't allow our needs and desires to impair our judgment and cause us to make self-serving or reckless decisions. Being nice, courteous, and self-controlled is something we should always strive towards, as is putting other people's needs and feelings ahead of our own. In order to be kind, courteous, and self-controlled, we should always put others' needs and feelings before our own.