The Cat and the Birds

The Cat and the Birds
Aesop's Fables - The Cat and the Birds

A bunch of birds was singing and chirping joyfully while perched on a tree one day. What a lovely dinner those birds would make, a cunning cat thought to herself as she watched the birds. So, in an effort to grab one of the birds, the cat crept up to the tree and started to climb it.

When the birds spotted the cat approaching, they took off immediately, leaving the cat with nothing. The cat became upset and voiced his grievances to the birds, "Why do you take off whenever I approach? I won't harm you, I promise. All I want is to have friends."

The elderly sage bird responded, "Even if we can't read your thoughts, we can see your claws and teeth in your mouth. Those are predatory instruments, not the tools of a friend. We will always take off when you approach until you can convince us that you don't wish us any harm."

The story's lesson is that "actions speak louder than words." The mere fact that someone claims to be your buddy does not obligate you to believe them. Always use caution and keep an eye on their behavior to determine whether they can be trusted.