The Bull and the Goat

The Bull and the Goat
Aesop's Fables - The Bull and the Goat

Once upon a time, a large and powerful bull lived in a lush meadow near a bubbling brook. He possessed long, pointed horns and large, powerful legs. The bull likes to brag to the other animals about his strength since he was so proud of it.

The bull came across a small goat one day while grazing in the meadow on the other side of the brook. The goat had little, feeble horns and a slender, frail physique. The bull pondered in his head, "Ha! That defenseless goat has no chance against me. He will see that I am the boss!"

The goat fled as the bull lunged at him, howling and snorting. When the goat spotted the bull approaching, she hastily climbed a neighboring tree. At the tree's foot, the bull came to a stop and regarded the goat from above. He said, "Come down here and fight like a man!"

The goat, though, simply shook his head and replied, "Thanks, but no. I'd rather avoid harm. I'll simply remain up here, where everything is secure."

The bull was ashamed and disappointed. He had hoped to demonstrate his power and establish his superiority over other animals in the meadow. But the small goat had outsmarted him instead.

The lesson of the story is that problem-solving requires using both brains and brawn. The animal that uses their intelligence and fast thinking usually prevails rather than the one that is the biggest or strongest.