The Boy Who Cried Wolf

The Boy Who Cried Wolf
Bedtime stories - The Boy Who Cried Wolf

Once upon a time, a young kid named Peter lived in a remote mountain community. Peter was a farm hand, responsible for the sheep.

Peter would take the sheep out to the pasture every day and let them graze. He was an adult in training who took his responsibilities seriously.

Peter was watching the sheep one day when he spotted a wolf in the distance. Peter, frightened, returned to the village at once to seek assistance.

The wolf was in the meadow, he yelled to the villagers. Quick, before it kills the sheep, you must hurry!

The people, armed to the teeth, hastily made their way to the meadow. However, when they reached, the wolf had vanished. Peter was totally wrong.

The locals were irritated, and Peter was reprimanded for making a false alarm. However, Peter paid little attention.

Peter spotted the wolf once again a few days later. He knew for sure this time that it was real. The villagers didn't trust him when he ran back to them for help. They believed he was seeking attention once more.

Peter warned the locals, but they disregarded him as the wolf attacked their sheep. It was too late by the time they learned the reality. Several of the sheep had been stolen by the wolf.

The villagers gained an important life lesson that day: never disregard a warning, no matter how many times they've been tricked before. And Peter wised up, realizing he shouldn't make a fuss until it was absolutely essential.