The Boy and the Filberts

The Boy and the Filberts
Aesop's Fables - The Boy and the Filberts

Once upon a time, a boy possessed a filbert nut tree in his backyard that produced mouthwatering nuts. The youngster wanted to eat every single nut, but he was unable to because of how far up on the tree they were.

The young boy had an idea one day. He took a stick and struck the nuts from the tree with it. However, he dropped the stick as he was attempting to collect the nuts, and it landed between two boulders.

The boy attempted to get the stick back, but it quickly became stuck. He tried pulling and pushing, but he was unable to free the stick. He was struggling when a passing stranger noticed him and inquired as to what he was doing.

The youngster claimed that he was attempting to retrieve his stick but was unsuccessful. The child enthusiastically agreed when the stranger asked whether he would like some assistance. The boy was able to collect all of the filbert nuts while they worked together to free the stick.

"Don't attempt to accomplish everything yourself, because sometimes it is preferable to ask for help," is the story's lesson.