The Belling the Cat

The Belling the Cat
Aesop's Fables - The Belling the Cat

A bunch of mice in a tiny village got sick of the enormous, chubby cat that lived in the house chasing and catching them. They had a meeting to discuss their strategy after deciding to take action.

One mouse suggested that a bell be placed around the cat's neck. That way, we'll constantly be aware of her location and can avoid obstructing her path.

The other mice appreciated the concept, but they later understood there was a flaw. They enquired, "Who is going to place the bell on the cat?"

Everyone was terrified of the cat, so nobody offered to help. A tiny mouse eventually moved forward though. I'll do it," he resolutely said.

The other mice gasped in wonder. Are you certain? they questioned. "The cat is enormous and powerful. You'd be quickly caught by her."

The small mouse, though, was certain. I'll take care," he promised. I'll wait till the cat is dozing off before attaching the bell to her neck.

The small mouse executed his strategy the following day. The cat was curled up and snoozing as he sneaked into the house. He approached her on tiptoe and placed the bell delicately around her neck.

The bell was ringing loudly to warn the other mice to stay away as the cat awoke and began to chase the mouse. While the cat chased her tail in an effort to hear the ringing sound, the small mouse fled back to the security of his mouse burrow.

Moral of the story: Making a plan is simple, but carrying it through requires courage.