The Ass Carrying the Image

The Ass Carrying the Image
Aesop's Fables - The Ass Carrying the Image

There once was an ass who took great pride in himself. He was a hard worker who loved to brag about his abilities. He was also powerful. One day, the ass's owner made the decision to employ him to carry a significant deity picture across the town.

The ass strolled around the streets with his head held high, ecstatic at the chance to be the focus of attention. He observed numerous individuals bending down in front of the stunning image on his back as he walked by.

With each step, the ass grew more and more arrogant, telling himself that the picture was being carried so nicely because of his strength and hard effort. But as he moved, the weight of the image started to exhaust him; as a result, he walked more slowly and laboriously.

Finally, the ass gave way beneath the pressure of the image and crashed to the ground. The ass's owner was furious and ashamed, as well as the individuals who had been enjoying the ass and its picture.

The lesson in this tale is that arrogance precedes weakness. We must always keep in mind that we are only as good as our actions and that life is not always about us. Being modest and aware of the fact that we are all only a small part of something greater is important.