The Ass and the Load of Salt

The Ass and the Load of Salt
Aesop's Fables - The Ass and the Load of Salt

A ass once received a request to transport a cargo of salt from one town to another. The ass was a diligent and submissive creature, and he accepted the assignment without any difficulty.

The ass started to experience back pain as a result of the salt's weight as he walked. Soon, he regretted agreeing to carry it because it was so heavy and painful. However, the ass went on with sweat trickling down his forehead because he was determined to finish the job.

The ass eventually arrived in the neighboring town after a long journey. He saw other individuals laughing and jeering at him as he drew near. They cried out, "Look at that poor ass, bearing such a hefty weight of salt."

The ass, who had before been proud of himself for finishing the work, was now overcome with guilt and humiliation. He regretted agreeing to transport the salt and made a commitment never to accept a similarly challenging assignment in the future.

It's crucial to carefully consider the responsibilities we take on, as this story's lesson teaches. Before committing to them, we should make sure we can handle them, and we shouldn't ever feel bad for needing assistance.