The Ass and the Grasshoppers

The Ass and the Grasshoppers
Aesop's Fables - The Ass and the Grasshoppers

Once upon a time, a group of grasshoppers and an ass coexisted peacefully in a green meadow surrounded by undulating hills. The ass was a hard-working and conscientious creature who worked all day plow the fields and tend the farmer's crops. The grasshoppers spent their days singing and dancing in the grass because they were happy, carefree creatures.

But one day, as the autumnal days grew shorter and the temperature dropped, the grasshoppers started to feel uncomfortable and scared. They were aware that winter was approaching and that they would soon need to locate a warm location to stay and rest.

They then turned to the ass and begged him to allow them to use his stable and his hay over the winter. The ass, being a kind and giving creature, consented to let the grasshoppers stay with him and made a commitment to look after and protect them.

Overjoyed and appreciative, the grasshoppers thanked the ass and spent the winter months dancing and singing in the stable as the ass worked and slept without interruption.

The moral of the story is that we ought to be nice and kind to other people and ready to assist and support those who are in need. Instead of being closed off or self-absorbed, we should be approachable and considerate of others' happiness and wellbeing. Therefore, we ought to always be considerate of others' needs and pleasure and show them that we care.