Hercules and the Wagoner

Hercules and the Wagoner
Aesop's Fables - Hercules and the Wagoner

Hercules, a powerful and valiant man, came across a wagon that had become trapped in a muddy ditch when he was traversing a forest one day. A horse was pulling the wagon, but the horse was having trouble getting the vehicle out of the ditch because the wheels were jammed.

A wagoner, the man who was pulling it, was also having trouble pulling it out of the ditch. Hercules noticed the wagoner was having difficulties and offered to assist.

Hercules pushed ferociously while placing his shoulder against the back of the vehicle. The wagoner exerted all of his might by placing his shoulder in front of the wagon and pulling. They were able to pull the wagon together out of the ditch and onto firm ground.

The wagoner was extremely appreciative of Hercules' assistance and expressed his gratitude excessively. Hercules grinned and informed the wagoner he was glad to assist.

"Together, we can accomplish much more than we can alone," is the story's main lesson.